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About Me


Chris Samuel was born in the United States in 1994, but moved to Switzerland at a young age, where he grew up in Aargau and later in Bern.

During his school days he discovered his love for music, learned to play the guitar and piano and was a member of various bands.


Together with Swedish producer and guitarist Andreas Eriksson he released four singles in 2020, including Bleed, Stay, So High and Fallen Skies.

Stay achieved national attention from some prominent radio stations, which was followed by concerts and festival appearances throughout Switzerland.

In terms of musical style, Chris Samuel can be categorized as pop, folk and folktronica.

He often uses acoustic instruments - especially stringed instruments - and combines them with EDM and electronica/dance elements.

Chris Samuel performs with a band or as a solo artist, using a loop pedal and sampler to record different sound loops live, superimposing them and creating beats, melodies and harmonies.



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21 Jan                       Langenthal                       Meilenstein

28 Jan                      Neuchatel                         Quai Ostervald

11 Mar                       Bern                                 Bierhübeli (Gustav)

21 May                      Les Pleiades-Vevey           Hiking Sounds Festival

22 May                      Les Pleiades-Vevey          Hiking Sounds Festival

18 Jun                       Crans Montana                 Hiking Sounds Festival

19 Jun                       Crans Montana                 Hiking Sounds Festival

21 Jun                       Bern                                 Peter Flamingo

23 Jun                       Grenchen                         MusicBistro

24 Jun                       Bern                                 Stadtfest

02 Jul                       Langenthal                        Meilenstein

06 Jul                       Thun                                 Hotel Krone

08 Jul                       Lausanne                          EHL Lausanne

15 Jul                        Locarno                            Moon & Stars

27 Aug                     Hausen a.A.                        Rampe Openair


03 Sep                     Meiringen-Hasliberg           Hiking Sounds Festival

04 Sep                     Meiringen-Hasliberg           Hiking Sounds Festival


08 Oct                     Huttwil                               Improvisorium

13 Oct                      Bern                                  Bierhübeli (Support for Kiefer Sutherland)

14 Oct                      Interlaken                          Helvetia Sport Bar     

22 Oct                     Burgdorf                            Kulturnacht (El Beledia)


31 Dez                     Thunersee                          Silvesterparty BLS Schiff

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